Charming but lightweight take on US/UK bromance.
The Special Relationship of the title refers to the 'friendship’ between Great Britain and the United States. The phrase is a political sound-bite and a historical truism, and at least, as Peter Morgan’s script here would have it, a bit of...
Cinema's great investigator focuses on life in the shadow of death.
It’s been two years since Michael Winterbottom’s last film, the pungent emotional thriller A Mighty Heart, arrived in Australian cinemas, and frankly that’s a lifetime for a director whose curiosity is matched only by his prolific output. As it...
Jackman's likabliity guides boxing 'bots to minor victory.
A 'Robo-Rocky’-like mash-up full of 'rock-'em/sock-'em’ action, Shawn Levy’s Real Steel reimagines the father/son boxing melodrama The Champ (1931, 1979) for the gamer generation... and it damn near pulls it off.

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