Middle class drama a little too neat.
Veteran British director Mike Leigh’s Another Year is the latest of his stock-in-trade kitchen sink dramas, though this time around, the sink is a little over-polished.
The festival to which half a million people flocked 40 years ago this summer promised "3 Days of Peace & Music." Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock offers two hours of humour and emotion.
Marvellous piece of animation that is wittily written and painstakingly and beautifully photographed.
Aardman which was founded by mates from school Peter Lord and David Sproxton has really put the art of clay animation to the forefront of the animated world with such works as Creature Comforts and The Wrong Trousers, both made by director Nick...
Enjoyable while in romatic comedy mode but then it turns into an unbelievable melodrama.
Andie McDowell is becoming a bit of a regular in British movies ? here she is again in John McKay?s Crush. McDowell plays Kate, the headmistress of a private school in the Cotswolds. Once a week she gets together with two friends, Janine, Imelda...
Vera Drake is a cheerful woman with a heart of gold. She hums while cleaning houses, visits sick neighbours and always has a cup of tea on the boil. Vera also "helps" women out with unwanted pregnancies. In fifties England abortion was a grey...

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