Russell Crowe’s directorial debut The Water Diviner is a well-meaning, surprisingly modest story of endurance, hope and forgiveness.
Swords and sandal epic contains the stuff of legend.
There is no more anachronistic film genre than the swords-and-sandals epic. The 'gladiator movie’ offered spectacle on a grand scale, to 1950s-era Hollywood, when studios decided that bigger was most definitely better. The genre became a bit of a...
Bum notes abound in daft orchestra tale.
In her feature debut, A Heartbeat Away, leading Australian theatre director Gale Edwards (The Boy From Oz, the West End revival of Jesus Christ Superstar) attempts to supplant the dull grip of provincial realism on local filmmaking. In her take...
An intermittently enjoyable comedy.
Melbourne International Film Festival: If you take the raucous ocker shenanigans of Dimboola in the 1970s or the insular suburban fantasy of Muriel’s Wedding 20 years later as a guide, then a wedding ceremony may be one of the best conduits for...

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