Jason Isaacs

A simple coming-of-age story that benefits from a great cast and moments of inspired craziness.
What could be cuter than Red Dog – the mutt who stole Australia’s heart in the 2011 crowd-pleaser? Red Puppy of course. And the idea of going back in time to the dog’s origin story also solves the problem of trying to create a franchise when your...
A triumphant, spell-binding finale for the Hogwarts wizards.
And so it ends, with arguably the most thrilling, spectacular, emotionally intense and vividly realised instalment of the record-breaking franchise.Fully vindicating the producers’ decision to end the series with a double-header, Harry Potter and...
An expansive, dark start to the long goodbye for the Hogwarts wizards.
The most pressing questions raised by the seventh edition of the most successful film franchise of all time can be summarized thus: Was Warner Bros.’ decision to film J.K. Rowling’s final Harry Potter novel as a two-parter a cynical plan to...

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