Freedom fighter flies solo in eloquent anti-war drama.
Amongst the fascinations to be found in the study of film history are the trends of similar themes popping up in movies all over the world in brief clusters of time. Be they the sword ’n’ sandal epics of the 1950s or Hollywood’s recent insistence...
Redford throws himself into the breach.
A survival epic pitting man against the Indian Ocean, All Is Lost, like Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, relies heavily on what Hitchcock called pure cinema, a form of storytelling that foregrounds what film can do, making a sort of narrator of the...
Taut Wall Street drama takes an inside look at financial and human meltdown.
It’s set among the financial schemers and plotters of Wall Street but writer-director J.C. Chandor’s striking debut feature plays like a finely-calibrated thriller, a compelling tale of money, power, greed, ego and personal and corporate...

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