Mel Gibson agrees it stinks.
Million Dollar Hotel received a less than glowing review from its star Mel Gibson when he called it "as boring as a dogs ass".
Mary Panton (Kristin Scott Thomas) is enjoying life as an expat Brit in a villa just outside Florence in 1938. She`s a widow with not much money which is why she has to think deeply about the offer of marriage she`s just received from Sir Edgar...
A pared back remake of the Russian masterpiece.
Some time in the future, Chris Kelvin (George Clooney), a widowed psychologist, is urged by his old friend, Gibarion (Ulrich Tukur), to come urgently to the space station Prometheus, where something is terribly wrong.
It's a film that deals with serious themes, it's a film that you discuss standing on the footpath afterwards, and more after that.
The films of Lars von Trier are never bland affairs, he evokes extreme passions in the cinema he makes, Dogville is no exception. On a soundstage in Denmark a town in the Rocky Mountains in America is marked out on the floor – there's Elm Street ...