A chilling insight into systematic abuse.
This lengthy, detailed and extraordinarily well-crafted film produced by HBO is a story of corruption and child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. Essentially a long-form piece of high-tone investigative journalism, it’s also some kind of horror...
Solid adaptation from debut director.
The best film adaptations of iconic author Philip K. Dick’s books have, to varying degrees, featured strong romantic subplots that act as an anchor to the fanciful futuristic settings.
Too many echoes of Private Ryan
Flags Of Our Fathers is an epic World War II collaboration between director Clint Eastwood, producer Steven Spielberg and writer Paul Haggis, who penned Oscar winners Crash and Million Dollar Baby. With a pedigree like that, expectations were...
The latest film to star Julia Roberts is Mona Lisa Smile, the story of Katherine Watson, an art history teacher at the prestigious American women's college Wellesley in the early 1950's. Watson arrives from UCLA as a new teacher at the school...

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