A contrived plot and fizzling chemistry amount to an unexciting romantic comedy.
Set in the world of industrial espionage, Duplicity is a light but trying-too-hard romantic entertainment wrapped around a hollow centre in which Clive Owen and Julia Roberts fail to work up the chemistry to ignite the required fireworks.
The Mel Gibson as Star/Richard Donner as Director movies - i.e. the Lethal Weapon series - have been a money tree for both parties. Mel was reportedly paid $20 million for his latest collaboration with Donner, Conspiracy Theory.... he plays Jerry...
An inspiring story about a woman with no training who accomplishes amazing things make Erin Brockovich both a crowd pleaser and a good movie.
In 1993, unemployed single mother of three Erin Brockovich, (Julia Roberts), is involved in a minor car accident - which is how she meets small-time lawyer Ed Masry, (Albert Finney).
Julianne - Julia Roberts - a successful writer of restaurant guides, doesn`t have a love in her life at the moment, but she has two close male friends.
The Mexican of the title is a pistol with a romantic history or two. Pitt`s character Jerry who`s become indebted to the mob by sheer accident is sent to Mexico to retrieve both the pistol and the mob boss` grandson. This assignment does nothing...