Kareena Kapoor

Weepy Bollywood soap-opera works despite its shortcomings.
One would have thought it damn near impossible to wring anymore gross sentimentality from Chris Columbus’ Stepmom, which featured Susan Sarandon as the cancer-riddled wife and Julia Roberts as the 'other woman’ who must step up to care for...
Bollywood rom-com just as bad as similar Hollywood take.
Though it thankfully excises all the shrill coarseness of its inspiration – 2008’s horrible Ashton Kutcher comedy What Happens in Vegas – there is not much left to engage audiences in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu (literally, One Me and One You).
Landmark Bollywood blockbuster goes for broke and nails it.
A beautiful, preposterous slab of star-driven Bollywood fantasy, Anubhav Sinha’s Ra.One hits all the right buttons and does so with gusto. Frankly, audiences should expect no less from what is reportedly the most expensive Indian film ever made,...
Tough guys don't dance.
Within the first 10 minutes of Bodyguard there’s a lengthy dance sequence followed by an equally lengthy fight sequence. Both feature some spectacular choreography; but it’s the action scene that more closely resembles a kind of ballet. As bad...

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