Awesome spectacle in outer space; pity about Leo’s narration.
Unless you’re an astronaut or rich enough to buy tickets to one of those long-promised but never delivered commercial flights to the moon, Hubble 3D is as close as you’ll get to experiencing a galactic adventure.
More impressive as a concept than as a movie.
Inception is an X-Box of a movie. It’s a 'puzzle film’ with terrifically impressive gee-wiz visuals wrung out of the current movie technology and a form that mimics (or is it a parodies?) interactive gameship. Here, Paris explodes and gets folded...
Clint Eastwood misses the target, again, with laboured, sombre drama.
At the age of 81, Clint Eastwood is experiencing a rare but prolonged decline in his illustrious career.Since the wonderful Gran Torino in 2008, the prolific filmmaker has directed three films which have performed well below his usual standards...
The 11th hour is a documentary on the environmental ills facing our earth… the possible destruction of life as we know it and the green solution if we choose to execute it. Presented, co-written and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, “The 11th hour” ...

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