Energetic musical sings familiar tune with glee.
Goddess opens with a very funny musical joke. Or maybe I should say a joke about musicals. Writer/director Mark Lamprell creates a bouncy, buzzy mood
TV legends lose bite on big screen.
It’s no risk to suggest that for many punters and pundits Kath and Kim, first on Fast Forward and later in their own TV series, were something of a naughty giggle plus gag reflex. The camp is no longer toxic, merely cute
Musical road movie has daffy, garish energy.
Melbourne International Film Festival: It is turning into a landmark year for Indigenous cinema in Australia. In the wake of Warwick Thornton’s Samson & Delilah, a powerfully intimate drama, comes Rachel Perkins’ Bran Nue Dae.
Cute animation should please the kiddies.
Kudos to French animation outfit Gaumont-Alphanim and their Australian cohort Avrill Stark Entertainment for so lovably defining the spirit of Yuletide cheer with this endearing crowd-pleaser. Filled with layers of rich imagery and utterly...
Rolf's silent turn lacks fantasy.
It’s hard not to cheer writer-director Rolf De Heer as an Australian filmmaker who’s happy to take risks and work across genres. Following the success of Ten Canoes – filmed with an Aboriginal cast and indigenous-language script – the director...

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