These men in tights fail to excite.
How long must we wait for a decent Robin Hood movie, one which captures the verve and playful spirit of director Michael Curtiz’ 1938 classic which starred Errol Flynn as the swashbuckling hero?
Black comedy to make you cackle
It’s no easy task putting the fun back into funeral. But director Frank Oz does a pretty good job of it in the black comedy – Death At A Funeral. Oz is the British born director who has made a lot of American movies, including In & Out and Bo...
Mainly it`s the murky plotting and the disappointing denoument which, though it might have its basis in fact, is a bit too convoluted.
Tom Jericho, Dougray Scott, is a brilliant mathematician who works as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park, a top secret World War II facility. Jericho has had an affair with fellow worker Claire Romilly, Saffron Burrows, and when she ended their...
An impressive first feature from Brad McGann.
In My Father\'s Den shows us an intimate, close-knit community, with a simmering discontent lurking underneath. Emily Barclay gives an engaging, unpredictable performance as Celia, and Matthew MacFadyen delivers a strong performance in the lead...

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