Meat Loaf

A brave and brilliant film.
Fight Club has a number of seductive ingredients in it – there's the obvious one, Brad Pitt, but there's also director David Fincher. Where do you begin with this film? With the controversy or with it? I'm going for it.
The quest for friendship is the noblest cause of all.
The Mighty is about the empowering nature of friendship - in this case, between a gentle but not too bright giant of a kid called Max - played by Elden Hensen and his new neighbour Kevin - Kieran Culkin - who has a debilitating disease. Kevin may...
There are no subtleties here; every point is rammed home with dogged seriousness.
While American forces are fighting Fascism in Europe and Asia during World War II, back home anti-semitism is rife. Larry Newman, William H. Macy, personnel officer for a secretarial company, lives with his mother in the suburbs. Larry has to...