Gondry's group filmmaking effort takes an easy route.
AUSTRALIAN CENTRE FOR THE MOVING IMAGE: In his offbeat 2008 VHS cassette comedy Be Kind Rewind director Michel Gondry created the fictional process 'sweding", where amateurs remake a known film cheaply with available resources: the car in...
Michael Douglas parties in Las Vegas, Audrey Tautou breathes flowers, and Keira Knightley heads to Russia.
As the movie business tries to come to grips with the question of where and on what format and technology people will watch new releases, the parallel idea of who watches movies has also been reconsidered. The business has belatedly realis...
Rogen's anti-hero not so super.
French visualist Michel Gondry’s predilection for American funnymen hits its first snag with his adaptation of one of pop culture’s oldest superhero identities, The Green Hornet.

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