Emily Blunt joins the ranks of great screen monarchs.
As regal performances go, Emily Blunt’s mesmerizing turn in The Young Victoria is every bit as majestic and impressive as Cate Blanchett’s in Elizabeth. Both movies follow the young monarchs as they accept their destinies, negotiate the minefield...
A triumph.
We've had to wait five years for a new film from director Peter Weir. His decision to adapt the naval stories of Patrick O'Brian was challenging because lovers of the novels know just how meticulous O'Brian was about details of life at sea during...
It's a film that deals with serious themes, it's a film that you discuss standing on the footpath afterwards, and more after that.
The films of Lars von Trier are never bland affairs, he evokes extreme passions in the cinema he makes, Dogville is no exception. On a soundstage in Denmark a town in the Rocky Mountains in America is marked out on the floor – there's Elm Street ...
With most of our working life spent in front of the computer screen why would we pay to watch someone franticly tapping away at a key board?
Wimbledon\'s director Richard Loncraine pairs up with Harrison Ford in cyber crime thriller Firewall.

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