B-movie caper rises above its cliché elements.
For obvious reasons, it’s hard for reviewers to approach Mel Gibson’s films in a genuinely disinterested manner these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort.
A poignant small town character study.
POSSIBLE WORLDS CANADIAN FILM FESTIVAL: The oddly and evocatively titled Small Town Murder Songs is a stark, sad, and powerful drama that in brief outline can sound – mistakenly as it turns out – very much like a police procedural. Instead it’s a...
Likeable, funny and intriguing, with scintillating dialogue.
Jeff Lebowski, Jeff Bridges, is an unemployed ageing hippie who so dislikes his real name he insists everyone calls him The Dude. He hangs around the bowling alley with his buddies Walter Sobchak, John Goodman, a Vietnam vet who won't let anyone...
Lars von Trier is one of the founding members of the Danish Film Movement Dogma. He impressed the world with Zentropa and Breaking the Waves and confronted us with The Idiots. Always provocative, he's done it again with Dancer in the Dark.