Friendly fire.
The Social Network is a story of enmity and entitlement based around the circumstances of Facebook’s creation – or more specifically, based around the debate about the circumstances of Facebook’s creation. As Aaron Sorkin writes it and David...
Couple's collapse falls short at finish line.
SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: The difficult thirtysomething woman adrift on career and relationship tides forms a mini-theme at this year’s Sundance. If Young Adult were somehow allowed into the game, we could call it a bona fide trend at three.
Weak script outweighs solid performances in stoner comedy.
Ned, played with puppy-boy charm by Paul Rudd, is the idiot of the title but he’s no fool: he’s a sweetheart in a world of egotists and crazies. He’s guileless to the point of dangerous. He’s so honest and nice he’s constantly getting people –...

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