Learning life’s lessons is a bittersweet experience in Josh Radnor’s appealing film.
Movies about a self-absorbed man/child who suffers from an acute case of arrested social development can be tediously predictable and charmless. So kudos to Josh Radnor for giving the genre several fresh and surprising twists in Liberal Arts....
Gambling heist mirrors wider financial crisis.
CANNES FILM FESTIVAL: Andrew Dominik's winking dark comedy/drama draws neat parallels between Wall Street's acts of general bastardry, and the world of Boston gangsters. It’s set in late-2008 and the economy is in the toilet, but the GFC at the...
A thoughtful adaptation, albeit an unnecessary one.
When a favourite foreign film is earmarked for an English language remake, the temptation is overwhelming to let the hackles to go up, the knives to come out and the chorus of disapproval to commence its vocal warm-ups.
Mawkish romantic melodrama creates no sparks.
In the rose-coloured but often tear-stained world of Nicholas Sparks’ novels and the movies they’ve inspired, star-crossed lovers face illness and death and are transformed as a result.

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