Robert Patrick

Dirty deeds done too chicly.
this neutered re-telling feels evasive at best, actively dishonest at worst
A straight-faced homage to classic B-grade cinema.
There’s almost too much of a good thing in R.W. Goodwin’s Alien Trespass, a florid, square-jawed homage to the UFO-paranoia B-pics of the 1950s. So precisely does Goodwin and his cast capture the static direction, no-budget effects and stock...
Too many echoes of Private Ryan
Flags Of Our Fathers is an epic World War II collaboration between director Clint Eastwood, producer Steven Spielberg and writer Paul Haggis, who penned Oscar winners Crash and Million Dollar Baby. With a pedigree like that, expectations were...
An intriguing, intelligent modern noir.
Copland is set in Garrison, New Jersey, a pleasant, tree-lined little town situated right across the Hudson River from New York City. Half the people who live there seem to be cops – cops who work in the city but who live in this peaceful...
Carmen Cortez, Alexa Vega, and her brother, Juni, Daryl Sabara, reckon their parents, Gregorio and Ingrid, Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino, are dead boring.