Jesus walks.
SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: For the committed watcher of Ewan McGregor, the opening minutes of Last Days in the Desert, Rodrigo Garcia’s spare, luminous retelling of Jesus’s 40 days spent fasting in the desert, offers distilled pleasure.
Extraordinary actors expose emotionally sterile yet complex characters.
Three women are at the center of this wrenching and difficult film and they all have one thing in common – they want a child. Still, this is not so much a movie about the joys of motherhood but the pain that comes with a powerful need that just...
Fascinating cross-dressing caper minimises its complexity.
In Albert Nobbs, Glenn Close plays the title role, a professional butler who works in a shabby gentile Dublin hotel in the late 19th century. But in fact, Nobbs is a woman who has grown into middle age pretending to be man.