Romola Garai

Poliakoff’s barmy WWII thriller maligns aristos, MPs and much else.
As conspiracy thrillers go, Stephen Poliakoff's Glorious 39 is downright daft, postulating that elements of the British Government, Secret Service, the Army and aristocracy were engaged in a heinous plot, stretching to blackmail and murder, to...
Good casting can't hide the flaws of this marriage melodrama.
There is no shortage of British filmmakers who got their start directing on stage, with the likes of Sam Mendes and Nicholas Hytner comfortably switching back and forward between the two disciplines over the last decade. At the age of 67, Richard...
Heartfelt romance rings hollow.
One Day is a romance that’s not quite funny enough to be dubbed a rom-com. The tone is light, but at the same time sober; here sadness creeps around the edges of the frame like an uninvited guest waiting to deliver bad news.