Rupert Friend

SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: Listening to an NPR interview recently with Piper Kerman, whose memoir of her year spent in a US federal prison was turned into the superb Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, she noted that what sustained you inside –...
Emily Blunt joins the ranks of great screen monarchs.
As regal performances go, Emily Blunt’s mesmerizing turn in The Young Victoria is every bit as majestic and impressive as Cate Blanchett’s in Elizabeth. Both movies follow the young monarchs as they accept their destinies, negotiate the minefield...
Gallic liaisons that aren’t especially dangerous "” or intriguing.
Lightning doesn’t strike twice for Stephen Frears, Christopher Hampton and Michelle Pfeiffer in Chéri, an ambitious but ultimately unsatisfying attempt to recreate the chemistry of their 1989 hit Dangerous Liaisons.

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