Universal’s animated comedy is Pixar-lite.
It may seem churlish to question the motives behind the 3D animated movie which was one of the biggest hits of the US summer, raking in more than $US240 million. Yet it’s hard not to feel being manipulated as Despicable Me tries to push all the...
Middling comic romp a missed opportunity.
Stick-thin, pale and seemingly unaware of what buttons do, English comic Russell Brand looks more like a classic rock star than any real ones currently do. All hips and lascivious proprieties, he struts, pouts and schoolboy smiles his way through...
Re-imagining of Shakespeare doesn't go far enough.
In her version of The Tempest, the William Shakespeare play that is approximately 400 years old, director Julie Taymor’s key change is an intuitive success: the exiled noble Prospero, a former ruler of Milan, is now Prospera, with the part played...
Just another bad American comedy.
Central to the myriad of problems that arise from the reimagining of the late Steve Gordon's 1981 Oscar-winning crowd-pleaser is the casting of Russell Brand as Arthur Bach, the drunken playboy made famous by fellow British import Dudley Moore.
Jive bunny has no bounce.
You know that sense of childlike wonder you experience when you tear away the shiny foil and bite into a huge milk chocolate egg"¦ only it turns out to be carob? Well, Hop is a carob egg.