Saffron Burrows

It`s a fascinating failure.
It`s not often that a mainstream filmmaker attempts something borderline experimental, but that`s what Mike Figgis has tackled - with very mixed results - in The Loss of Sexual Innocence, which is a genuine oddity.
A Hollywood film company, Red Mullet Productions, is preparing an action film, Bitch From Louisiana. Rose, Salma Hayek, an aspiring actress, is desperate to get the lead role and, though she lives with her rich lover, Lauren, Jeanne Tripplehorn,...
Mainly it`s the murky plotting and the disappointing denoument which, though it might have its basis in fact, is a bit too convoluted.
Tom Jericho, Dougray Scott, is a brilliant mathematician who works as a code-breaker at Bletchley Park, a top secret World War II facility. Jericho has had an affair with fellow worker Claire Romilly, Saffron Burrows, and when she ended their...
Charlie Le Blanc, Burt Reynolds, is a wealthy construction company owner with a very young wife, Lilly, Saffron Burrows. Knowing he hasn't long to live, Charlie wants to make sure Lilly really loves him before he leaves her his fortune, so he...

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