Alien road comedy stuck in first gear.
SXSW: An amiable alien comedy that’s casual in more ways than one, Paul does the bare minimum to execute its premise, and little more to entertain. Written by Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead creators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the film follows...
Recycled 'Paper’ only A2, not A4.
Best described as a rom-com version of The Blair Witch Project, this low-budget vehicle for cutie-pie comedian Charlyne Yi is a one-note, gimmicky stunt. Though it’s not without its surface charms, the film lacks warmth when it needs it most,...
A zero-laughs, bad-taste comedy.
You know you’ve just watched a really nasty piece of filmmaking when the one character to which you can most relate is a psychotic cop played by Ray Liotta. Such is the case with director Jody Hill’s Observe And Report.
A credible example of the opportunities of 3D storytelling
It’s been hard not to raise a sceptical eyebrow at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s relentless spruiking of the wonders of digital 3D. Touted by the Dreamworks animation honcho as a totally new experience, the new 3D is a fine-tuned version of the Fifties...
Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives superb performance in cancer comedy.
The life-hiccup that writer/producer Will Reiser faced when diagnosed with cancer is conveyed with warmth, honesty and a large dollop of good humour in Jonathon Levine’s 50/50.