Seymour Cassel

Tense, touching road trip goes off track on final stretch.
GREEK FILM FESTIVAL: Written and directed by Nick Gaitatjis, this movie is part crime film, part weepie. It’s a pursuit story and a father/daughter story, too, and its plot taps into a series of grim observations to do with immigration and racism...
Bo and Walt, conjoined twins, run a hamburger joint in Martha's Vineyard. Bo (Matt Damon) is the shy one; he's carrying on an e-mail relationship with a Chinese girl in LA, but he hasn't told her about his situation.
A film so dense, emotional and funny it'll make your head spin.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is Wes Anderson's fourth feature and his most ambitious yet. You could even say it is his most 'Wes Anderson' movie so far, a film that aggressively pushes the envelope in terms of what defines his movies.

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