Stephen Curry

A nightmarish journey to the dark side of '80s Australia.
Introducing the Australian premiere of his latest film, Hounds of Love, at the Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, Stephen Curry began with an apology. “I apologise in advance if anyone expected The Castle. This isn’t The Castle.”
Tale of a Melbourne Cup triumph is reduced to a corny horse opera.
Virtually everyone who follows racing and even those with a passing interest in the 'sport of kings’ will be familiar with the premise of The Cup: jockey Damien Oliver wins the 2002 Melbourne Cup a week after his older brother Jason dies in a...
Some time in the 1980`s during the 10BA era of Australian filmmaking, a visiting American film star, Vanessa Turnbill, (Molly Ringwald), is rather incongruously playing a schoolgirl in Hot Blooded, a slasher movie being directed by Hilary, (Kylie...
Lotto, Wookie and Sue are three road workers based in Mudgee, N.S.W. At weekends they abandon their wives to go prospecting for gold and one day they discover the biggest nugget in the world - the problem is, how do they turn it into cash, and...

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