A very funny depiction of very bad deeds.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL: Killer Joe is rude, crude, very violent and a lot of fun. It’s also nasty. Frankly, some of the best bits here are, well, the 'dirty’ parts. Line for line this film, based on a hit play by Tracy Letts, is hilarious and savage.
A most un-congenial comedy.
There is no sadder adjective for a Hollywood star attempting a career comeback than to be the 'miscast lead".
Eddie Murphy phones it in,  again.
When will Eddie Murphy snap?Like a car crash that hasn’t yet happened, I watch his movies now mainly because the sense of pain, both for Murphy and someone who has followed his career, is so distinct that you can’t help but wonder when he’ll have...
Captive humans and exotic animals are an odd mix in mushy melodrama.
The best, most compelling elements of We Bought a Zoo, Cameron Crowe’s first movie since his 2005 dud Elizabethtown, have nothing to do with the menagerie of exotic animals.The heart of the movie based on a true story is an affecting tale of the...
A smart film with an independent feel, but Dennis Quaid was perhaps miscast.
The idea behind the new American drama Smart People is that folks who’re blessed with brains don’t necessarily get a corresponding emotional intelligence.Dennis Quaid is Lawrence Wetherhold, a widower and English professor who is, on his best...