Tim Blake Nelson

An odyssey full of surprises
It's 1937, and three convicts escape from a southern chain gang. Ulysses (George Clooney) is a vain, fast talking philosopher who models himself after Clark Gable; Pete (John Turturro) and Delmar (Tim Blake Nelson) are his not so bright offsiders.
A riveting premise for a film, but the CGI takes the seriousness out of the drama.
The year is 2054 and for the past six years in Washington DC the Pre-crime Unit has been in experimental operational mode. Under the directorship of Lamar Burgess, Max von Sydow, chief action man John Anderton, Tom Cruise, has been able to...
Justine Last, Jennifer Aniston, works at Rodeo Retail, a supermarket in a small town in Texas. She's married, not very happily, to Phil, John C. Reilly, a house-painter and pot-smoker who seems to prefer the company of his best buddy, Bubba, Tim...

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