Clever crime premise slowly slips into parody.
“To work out; — The sexual bias in literary criticism. What sort of person would the critic prefer to sleep with, in fact.” – E. M. Forster in his diary, 25 October, 1910
All-star Event film occasionally struggles under the weight of its own ambition.
MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Tim Winton’s The Turning is Australia’s best-selling collection of short stories. Set mostly in West Australia’s lonely seaside towns, the book, published in 2005, contains 17 loosely linked stories full of...
Beautifully shot and artfully designed, The Home Song Stories features strong performances and the kind of intimacy and honesty that you can only get from an autobiographical film.
Australian filmmaker Tony Ayres’ debut feature Walking On Water was like a cinematic slap to the face – a bold, uncompromising masterwork that dealt with tough subjects like euthanasia, sexuality, family fractures and emotional suffering. Five...

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