Smooth enough ride for brothers in boards.
Australian drama Drift’s tangible affinity with the culture and history of surfing is its strongest (but far from only) asset. Co-directors Morgan O’Neill and Ben Nott have captured the landscape and personalities of a time, 40-odd years ago,...
As funny as a funeral.
The writing/producing team behind 2007 Brit farce Death At A Funeral transplants most of the same plot points but none of the laughs to Stephan Elliot’s truly awful local comedy, A Few Best Men.
Strictly for Twi-hards.
The morose musings of Fork’s sullen supernatural teenagers continues unchecked in Eclipse, the third big-screen outing for Bella Swan, the Cullen clan of vampires and Jacob the shapeshifter. The navel-gazing, brow-furrowing introspection of the...
Terror with a twist.
SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL : The Loved Ones knows what it wants to be from the very first frame, and accomplishes it by offering a smart spin on complex themes like jealousy, familial bonds, grief, teen angst and forgiveness (just for starters). In an...
Teen surfing drama is a wipe-out.
American writer-director Dan Castle reckons there hasn’t been a really good, dramatic surfing movie since John Milius’ Big Wednesday in 1978, and he classifies John Stockwell’s 2002 effort Blue Crush as a Cinderella story.