The 11th hour is a documentary on the environmental ills facing our earth… the possible destruction of life as we know it and the green solution if we choose to execute it.

Presented, co-written and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, “The 11th hour” does indeed carry a powerful message. The only problem is, and I hate to say it… I felt like I had heard and seen it all before!

Al Gore's powerful film “An Inconvenient Truth” covered the same ground, only with probably half the budget.

“The 11th hour” does try to tackle more issues than just global warming, but the message is the same - we have to stop living and consuming as we are or there will be nothing left.

The film uses a vast catalogue of visually stunning scenery and monumental disasters together with a host of prominent scientists to get its point across.

It features heavyweights such as David Suzuki, Stephen Hawking and even former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Their opinions and knowledge are compelling scary and poignant. However as a film going experience I found it a bit hard going. I was at times bored by the constant talk. Yes all the information was and is important but far from being entertained I felt helpless and hapless over the state of the earth… where does one begin? Is there any point?

Fortunately though, “The 11th Hour” does offer hope and more importantly solutions…you'll just have to wait till nearly the end of the film to hear them.

“The 11th hour” makes you aware and that is the basis of change, let's just hope that our politicians venture to the cinemas. 2.5 stars.