Thirteen year old suburban Aviva (eight different actors), is desperate to become a mother and tries it with a neighbourly kid, but her parents (Ellen Barkin, Richard Masur) drag her to an abortionist. Aviva runs away from home and continues to try her luck with Joe (Stephen Adly Guirgis), a truckie, but he doesn\'t intend to get her pregnant and foils her plans. She ends up in a remote field under a tree, where Peter Paul (Alexander Brickel) a young boy from a nearby family of evangelical Christians, finds her and takes her home to be cared for by Mama Sunshine (Debra Monk). To her surprise, Joe the truckie turns up, whose real name is Bob, and who is the amateur hit man for Mr Sunshine (Walter Bobbie) in his anti abortion crusade.

A fable of innocence in a cynical and perverse world

Todd Solondz latest film is Palindromes, which is a word or sentence that reads the same forwards or backwards. Ellen Barkin plays Joyce Victor, the mother of endearing 13-year-old Aviva, who wants nothing more in life than to become the ultimate palindrome, a mum. The character of Aviva is played by eight different actors. When she comes home pregnant, her parents insist on an abortion, but Aviva is so desperate to fall pregnant again, she runs away, joining a family of born-again Christians who have adopted disabled children.

is a fable of innocence in a cynical and perverse world. Its surreal quality may polarise audiences, but Solondz is an innovator in the same sense as David Lynch and John Waters. He creates a profound sense of unease to force us into thinking outside the square. Varying the age, size, race and gender of his main protagonist makes us realize that no matter how much we change we still remain the same. It?s a unique social satire that will make you question why you're laughing so hard.