Brian O'Connor, Paul Walker, having left the LA police after the events that occurred in The Fast And The Furious, is now living in Miami and earning a bit of money from drag racing. He's asked to help the authorities trap a drug runner, Carter Verone, Cole Hauser, although the police already have undercover agent, Monica Fuentes, Eva Mendes, in place she's apparently Verone's mistress. Brian recruits childhood friend, Roman Pearce, Tyrese, and together they perform a driving audition for Verone, who needs top drivers to bring off his latest and most dangerous job. The original The Fast And The Furious was a guilty pleasure for me, basically a series of superbly staged car chases with a couple of charismatic new actors in the leading roles. That film made a star of Vin Diesel, who's gone on to bigger if not better things, so he's not around for the sequel. Instead we have Paul Walker and new buddy Tyrese, plus a bit more plot. Despite the fact that it was directed by John Singleton, this is a much less enjoyable film than its predecessor. The numerous, and very noisy, car chase scenes are less interestingly staged than they were the first time around, and they're augmented with what appears to be a lot of digital tinkering - even the big climax is indifferently staged. There's also a nasty tone to the new film; a torture scene is quite unpleasant, and nothing is made of the moral issues involving the undercover policewoman forced to 'sleep with the enemy'. I'm sure this will be a commercial success, but I can't see the franchise continuing too much longer.