Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) has gone 40 years without "doing it." Now his pals are making it their mission to help him score... fast! Can he survive their hilariously bad advice? Will he land in the arms of the way-too-experienced or the way-too-drunk? Or can he find true love where he least expects – from a gorgeous grandmother (Catherine Keener)?


The directorial debut by Judd Apatow, producer of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Kicking and Screaming. And if that doesn't give you an idea of the sort of comedy we're heading towards, then I'm sure the title will.

The film's concept grew from a skit by TV comedian Steve Carell, who co-wrote the screenplay with Apatow, and also stars as Andy Stitzer, a 40 year-old, electronics store clerk. His idea of unwinding is to play with his collectable toys, sing karaoke on his own and watch TV with his elderly neighbors. When three of his co-workers played by Paul Rudd, Romany Malco, and Seth Rogen realise that he is still a virgin, they make it their mission to cure him of this affliction. Andy almost saves them the trouble when he falls in love with Trish – Catherine Keener – but the couple decide to keep sex out of the relationship.

The trouble with this romantic comedy is that it's neither romantic nor funny. Endless bucks night bravado in the form of vulgar, crude and sexist jokes are slammed hard against a half hearted sentimental love story. Catherine Keener does her best, but is thwarted at every turn by her romantic lead, Steve Carell, who is so one-dimensional, it's hard to tell him apart from his mint condition action figures.