Henry Roth, Adam Sandler, a marine life veterinarian, based on Hawaii, is a love 'em and leave 'em man; that is, until he meets Lucy Whitmore, Drew Barrymore. Romancing Lucy isn't easy, however, because she was badly injured in a car accident some time before, and suffers from a short-term memory disorder; every morning, she wakes up remembering nothing that has happened since her accident. She's protected by her devoted father, Blake Clark, and her steroid-addicted brother, Sean Astin, but as Henry finds himself falling more in love with Lucy he is forced to re-meet her, to begin a new romance with her, every day. There's a good idea here; how do you carry on a romance with someone whose memory is erased every day? And there are agreeable performances from Drew Barrymore and Blake Clark as her father. But, like Peter Segal's previous film, Anger Management, the intriguing premise is soon overtaken by the innate vulgarity of the treatment. Far too much of this so-called comedy is based on racial or sexual stereotyping - Rob Schneider is simply awful as Henry's Pacific Island best friend, for example, and there are some terrible scenes involving Henry's assistant, Lusia Strus, whose sexuality is the subject of some tasteless jokes. There's also far too much reliance on cute sea mammals to tweak a few easy laughs out of the material. Adam Sandler fans will probably enjoy it enough to make this disappointing film a popular success.