Based on a true life event and a Japanese film Eight Below starts in the Antarctic at the U.S. National Science Research Base. The resident guide and Husky trainer is Jerry played by Paul Walker. Enter Davis "Doc" McLaren - Bruce Greenwood who is in search of a rare meteorite. Of course the inevitable happens once it is found, Davis is injured and a blizzard is about to hit, the team will have to be flown out leaving the dogs behind. Eight Below falls in line with Disney's feel-good, sanitised housestyle, and it's fairly predictable. But if you're a dog lover andyou don't mind the snow, you'll certainly enjoy it. The real starsof the show are the eight Huskies, that at times were funnier and more moving than the two-legged cast. Although this is definitely a paint by numbers production, Frank Marshall is more than a competent director who has captured the beauty and starkness of this icy terrain with broad enough brush strokes to appeal to all the family.