I didn`t know that actor Griffin Dunne was the son of Dominic Dunne, the novelist and Vanity Fair columnist, until this film where they actually come together. Dunne junior as director and father Dunne as a cameo performer. Addicted To Love is about two jilted people played by Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick, who team up to break up their various ex`s new and mutual relationship. They meet accidentally in an abandoned building, located very conveniently directly opposite their loved ones` lovenest. At first they`re suspicious of one another, but then find they have mutual interests... Addicted To Love has a number of things going for and against it... for is Meg Ryan looking terribly fetching in a variety of wacko outfits... for is Tcheky Karyo as the unfortunate new lover of Matthew Broderick`s ex, played by Kelly Preston.... and for also is the slightly subversive nature of this genre film. Against is the fact that it isn`t terribly amusing. I think that at the very least if you`re going to subvert, even slightly, you have to have wit. Addicted To Love is, for the most part, when Meg Ryan`s on-screen anyway, an enjoyable experience - it`s just not a terribly endearing one. Part of the problem may have been the casting of Matthew Broderick, who`s not madly inspiring as a love interest. Dominic Dunne, by the way, plays a food critic in the film who gets to down a mouthful. His son Griffin, for whom this is only his second feature film as director - he`s acted in and produced a lot - does a workmanlike job if not an inspiring one.