When one of billionaire businessman Charles Bishop Weyland\'s (Lance Henriksen) satellites recognises heat emanating from a distant Antarctic island, and it turns out to be an ancient submerged pyramid, Weyland immediately mounts an expedition to discover its mysteries, in a bid to put his name into history for something other than wealth. Led by environmentalist guide Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan), the archeologist (Raoul Bova) and a team of scientific specialists recognises cultural influences from Aztecs, Egyptians and Cambodians, in a complex building that is at once thousands of years old yet exceptionally advanced. Triggering secret chambers, trap doors and deadly stone doors, the team realises too late that this has been a hideaway for Predators, who hide a giant Alien queen, with her offspring used as hunting practice. But now the humans have triggered a full scale war between these two species from space.


In the 1940s it was Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman. Much later came Jason versus Freddy. Now Alien vs. Predator has arrived, directed by Paul Anderson of Resident Evil fame. A scientific expedition to the Antarctic Circle uncovers more than they had bargained for. Sanaa Lathan shines as the expedition?s field guide, who very quickly becomes Xena of the 21st century. Put your purism aside, don?t think of what?s gone before, and you might possibly enjoy this classic piece of trash. It?s so bad it?s good.