While Eli, Dan Bucatinsky, waits for the result of blood tests at a clinic he has an intimate chat with receptionist Doris Roberts about his failed relationship with Tom, Richard Ruccolo. And Tom is at an AA meeting sharing his problems. The two met through their best friends Jackie, Sasha Alexander and Gary, Michael Harris who in turn met accidentally and seem to have found the love of their life. They want to spread their good luck around and so arrange a blind date between Tom and Eli, which doesn`t work too well at all. But the two run into one another later and something sparks. But what is that thing about the course of true love.....All Over the Guy has been adapted by Dan Bucatinsky from his play, in which the protagonists were actually straight. Much of the dialogue just has that feeling of having been reworked to death. It`s not overly helped by Julie Davis` direction which tends towards flat. The Executive Producer was Don Roos whose film The Opposite of Sex had a very original take on sexual preferences. It`s interesting to see both Christina Ricci and Lisa Kudrow in cameos in the film. It`s a pleasant enough romance but without much real substance.