Antoine (Jean-Pierre Darroussin) and Hélène (Carole Bouquet) are driving from Paris to Bordeaux to pick up their children from summer camp. It is the holiday weekend and the roads are thick with traffic. The car radio sends alerts of traffic fatalities and delays, and the news of a dangerous fugitive at large. Antoine and Hélène have their own problems. Antoine, irritated by Hélène's lateness and pedantic manner, has been drinking and looks for any opportunity to stop by the roadside to have another scotch. Exasperated, Hélène warns Antoine she will leave the car and catch the train, if he stops again. He stops at a bar but when he returns to the car, she has vanished.

Always keep your eyes on the road.

Carole Bouquet and Jean Pierre Darroussin star as Antoine and Helene, a married couple on the brink. Increasingly bitter about his wife\'s successes, Antoine drinks like a fish and they bicker constantly. The traffic is dense, the atmosphere is suffocating, and the radio announces that a deadly prisoner has escaped. It\'s the last straw for Helene, when Antoine stops for yet another whiskey. In a drunken haze, Antoine blunders through the desolate countryside, and picks up a menacing hitchhiker. While Hollywood thrillers are devoted to fast paced action, where we invariably identify with the good guy, Red Lights is less conventional and much slower paced. Jean Pierre Darroussin\'s performance as Antoine is extremely complex, but his character is so infuriating, it\'s hard to feel any sympathy for him. While Director, Cedric Kahn is clever at creating suspense, there are some disappointing plot twists that lack a clear resolution. In the end, Red Lights is an interesting observation of how one man responds to his fractured relationship.


1 hour 45 min