Bunyip Bluegum (voiced by Geoffrey Rush) is a koala who doesn’t know where his parents are. Although his uncle and some of the other animals think they’re dead, Bunyip believes they’re still alive, despite disappearing many years earlier. He sets out to find them. On his way, he meets a sailor Bill Barnacle (Hugo Weaving) and a penguin Sam Sawnoff (Sam Neill); who have an unusual companion, Albert (John Cleese) a magic pudding. No matter how much anyone eats of Albert, he magically replenishes, and can even turn into any type of pudding desired. But their path leads to the disagreeable Buncle (Jack Thompson), an angry wombat whose sole desire is to possess Albert for himself.

Always running away, but never running out!

Generations of Australian children have enjoyed Norman Lindsay`s \"The Magic Pudding - The Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum\" since it was published in 1918. The best things about this animated film of the book are that the drawings stay close to the Lindsay originals, and that the voice cast is good - headed by Geoffrey Rush as the plucky young Koala hero. There`s also Sam Neill as Sam the Penguin, Hugo Weaving as Bill Barnacle, the landlocked sailor and John Cleese as Albert, the irascible pudding. Sadly, though, the writers and director Karl Zwicky - apparently in an effort to make the story more relevant - for that read make the Americans interested - have taken gigantic liberties with the material. Bunyip is now searching for his lost parents (Mum is voiced by Toni Collette) and there`s a villainous wombat, Buncle, voiced by Jack Thompson, who imprisons animals in a cave. Though the drawings are fine, the animation is often ugly and hard to watch, and the songs uninspiring. If you don`t love the book, you may love the film; if you do love the book, you`ll be sadly disappointed.