The boys are back, high school`s over, and Stifler, Seann William Scott, hosts a wild party at his place. In the wake of that affair, the quintet decides to spend the summer at a lakeside house where there should be plenty of available girls; that`s good because Jim, Jason Biggs, hopes Nadia, Shannon Elizabeth, might visit him later on, Oz, Chris Klein, has farewelled his girl Heather, Mena Suvari, who is off to Spain and Finch, Eddie Kaye Thomas, still pines over Stifler`s Mom. There`s also Jessica, Natasha Lyonne, who`s nice to have around, and Kevin`s ex-girlfriend, Vicky, Tara Reid. And Jim seeks advice from buddy Michelle, Alyson Hannigan, about how to cope when Nadia pays a visit...I rather liked the first American Pie, which had an authentic feel for the way teenagers grope their way towards adulthood, and which was at times both funny and painful. The sequel, sadly, is a travesty; the lazy script just recycles highlights from the first film with minor variations, while director J.B. Rogers, who made the terrible Say It Isn`t So, shows little aptitude beyond milking the crudest jokes for all they`re worth. As a result even an attractive performer like Alyson Hannigan gets few opportunities to make an impression. Crude and dull, with most of the laughs already familiar from the trailer, it`s depressing to contemplate how popular this film will be.