Eddie Thomas, John Cusack, and Gwen Harrison, Catherine Zeta-Jones, are America`s sweethearts; lovers off screen as well as on, they`ve made a series of hit films together. When they take on separate assignments, the box office results aren`t so boffo. Which is a problem for studio head Dave Kingman, Stanley Tucci, because Eddie and Gwen have split; Gwen`s now living with Hector, Hank Azaria, and Eddie`s devastated about it. How can publicist Lee Phillips, Billy Crystal, promote their new film if the stars aren`t talking to each other? With a little help from Gwen`s ill-used sister, Kiki, Julia Roberts, Lee does his best...Director Joe Roth has assembled a great cast for this inside Hollywood comedy, and for a while the screenplay, by Billy Crystal and Peter Tolan, sparkles - but all too soon invention evaporates, and the film gets sillier and sillier. Anyone with any knowledge of how Hollywood works today could tell you that the way these characters behave simply isn`t credible, and the usually reliable Christopher Walken is given an impossible role as a mad film director who refuses to show his latest opus to the studio before the press preview. The actors do their best with the diminishing material, but America`s Sweethearts must be counted as a big disappointment.