Adam Sandler was one of the Executive Producers of The Animal and he has a really naff cameo in it, but Rob Schneider is the star and he co-wrote the film with Tom Brady. Schneider`s character is Marvin who after a car accident is transplanted with animal parts by Dr. Wilder - Michael Caton - to help him live. Unfortunately the animal parts start dominating his personality, his abilities, his everyday life. He has the olfactory keenness of a sniffer dog, the swimming ability of a dolphin, the rutting tendencies of a goat. It`s all a bit embarrassing really.... This is truly silly stuff, but Rob Schneider has a likeable personality on screen and has an ability with physical comedy. The grossout nature of the comedy most probably means it will appeal to less demanding audiences. I was bored but I can report that, particularly in the early part of the film, others were not. And although the film is below par, Michael Caton is adequate in his limited role. No chance of character development there.Comments From David StrattonNote quite as unfunny as it might have been, given the terrible track record of Rob Schneider and Adam Sandler, but still a comedy which should have been better. A nice idea, some good special effects, but a thankless role for Michael Caton.