Dean (Sam Lewis) is an aspriring screenwriter, works in a video store and is angst-ridden about his failure in relationships, especially as his last girlfriend, Jade (Jessica Napier) told him he was lousy in bed. One of his customers, the goth girl, May (Abi Tucker) becomes an unlikely friend, while his other friend Ian (Justin Smith) works in a Kings Cross adult bookshop, which a street kid attempts to rob with a fake gun. He turns out to be not-so-bad Mole (Luke Lennox) whose next move is to steal the VCR"¦

An aspiring horror movie writer searches for love in a world of heartache and desperation.

Dean, (Sam Lewis), lives in an apartment in Sydney`s Kings Cross with his best friend, Ian, (Justin Smith), and his ex-girlfriend, Jade, (Jessica Napier). He works parttime in a video store and is a fan of the goriest horror movies. Ian has hopes of making it as a stand up comic. Though Jade treats Dean like a brother, he`s still quite attracted to her; meanwhile he`s been dumped by the socially ambitious Heather, Lara Cox. When Dean meets May, Abi Tucker, a goth, he`s smitten - will she be the one to help him exorcise the demons of his past?... Angst covers pretty familiar and often derided territory: the lives, especially the sex lives, of a bunch of inner-city characters. But where this film succeeds so well is that the characters are so likable, even when they`re doing the dumbest things. The characters and situations have the ring of truth about them; most of the dialogue deals pretty explicitly with sex, and even occasionally love, but it has a freshness about it. There`s a particularly sweet scene in which Dean uses the net to make a blind date with a girl called Barbarella with the most unexpected results. There are lovely ensemble performances from the entire cast, including Luke Lennox as Mole, the teenager Jade takes under her wing, and smart direction from Daniel Nettheim.

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1 hour 26 min