British super-spy Austin Powers is the man of the moment: not only is a VERY FAMOUS Hollywood director making a film about his adventures, a film which features some VERY BIG Hollywood stars, but he`s knighted by Her Majesty the Queen. His only disappointment is the fact that his Dad, Nigel, doesn`t show up at the ceremony. But Basil Exposition has the explanation: Nigel Powers has been kidnapped by the infamous Goldmember, a master criminal. Only one person can help Austin locate Goldmember, his arch-nemesis - Dr. Evil. The third Austin Powers film, once again directed by Jay Roach, is, if anything, sillier and more disorganised than its predecessors but, luckily, it`s occasionally funny, too. Mike Myers` spoofs of 60s British spy films never had anything very new to say, they`d already been spoofed to death, but there`s still enjoyment to be derived from seeing the ebullient actor`s multiple impersonations. His latest villain, Goldmember, is a Dutchman, which is a cue for lots of jokes about the Dutch and he has a willie made of gold - and if you think THAT`s rude, it`s mild in comparison with some of the film`s more outrageous double entendres. Michael Caine appears as Austin`s old man, presumably because Sean Connery wouldn`t be in it, and he seems to be having fun, as do all the guest stars, which include Britney Spears and others we`re not supposed to name. This is certainly not high art, but it`s a bit of a giggle.