Set over a hot Australian country town weekend, several people dealing with unexpected events find their lives intersecting. Nick (William McInnes) visits a doctor for a routine medical and is given a devastating diagnosis but has to wait until Monday for specialist advice. Meryl (Justine Clark), returning from a family funeral, has until Monday to finish her art project or lose her job. Andy (Anthony Hayes) is thrown by his girlfriend's ultimatum and has until Monday to consider the news of her unplanned pregnancy, while dealing with ex wife and children. He and Nick and Meryl are also connected through a tragic rail accident.

A tremendous debut feature film from Sarah Watt.

Look Both Ways is a solid debut feature, with strong performances and an unusual script. It might focus on themes around death, but it\'s certainly not all doom and gloom and Sarah Watt cleverly merges humour with the bleak. The combination of animation with live action makes the film especially memorable. Using animated sequences to represent the characters\' inner thoughts, shows ingenuity. It\'s a daring approach, and elevates what could have been an ordinary film, into an engaging, uplifting experience.