Manu (Raffaella Anderson) is constantly being pushed around, if not by her brother, then someone else. After she and a friend are raped by three men, Manu feels compelled to do something – but not sure what, she wonders into an empty train station one night where she bumps into Nadine (Karen Bach), a prostitute also at the end of her tether. The trains have stopped for the night, so they set off together in Manu’s car, aiming for Paris. They change direction on the way and end up on a violent, sexually active road trip heading not sure where, killing and having sexual encounters wherever they please.

An uncompromising exploration of two women of the underclass.

Baise Moi currently has an R-Rating in this country which means you have to be an adult to see it. In other words it's for grown ups. It's about two wounded women, abused by and used by men, by women, by the world really. Manu (Rafaella Anderson), is a young woman on the edge of French society. She is, you feel, her own woman, with a few connections but without much hope. With a friend she's suddenly picked up and gang raped, Explicitly. Nadine (Karen Bach) is a call girl who watches pornographic videos and drives her flatmate mad, just by being the flatmate from hell, using everything, replacing nothing. Each of these women commit a murder. They accidentally meet and establish a bond which is the basis for a spree of sex and cold-blooded murder.

Anderson and Bach give very credible performances

Co-directed by Virginie Despentes, based on her novel of the same name, and by Coralie Trin Thi, a porno actress and starring Anderson and Bach, two performers of hardcore fame, it's as if the filmmakers are flinging in our face the inauspicious origins of the movie. And yet, Anderson and Bach give very credible performances. The directors bring a dynamism to their film which was shot on digital video, there's a thumping soundtrack and some wry humour. The film is an uncompromising exploration of two women of the underclass angry at society in general and men in particular.