When Suzette, Goldie Hawn, loses her job at the bar in LA where she famously was under Jim Morrison when he passed out she’s destitute, so she decides to reconnect with her old playmate Vinnie, Susan Sarandon who now lives in Phoenix. En route she picks up Harry, Geoffrey Rush, a failed screenwriter who’s heading home to Phoenix for his own complex reasons, a gun with a single bullet stashed in his typewriter case. Vinnie however has become a study in beige, leading an uptight life with her lawyer husband and her two daughters Hannah, Erica Christensen and Ginger, Eva Amurri(Sarandon’s daughter in real life). You just know that Suzette is going to crash into Vinnie’s life and turn things upside-down……Director Bob Dolman wrote the audience-pleasing Willow and the less than exciting Far and Away. Here he opts for safe predictability, gross improbability and eventually mawkish sentimentality. But at the heart of this film are two performers who are true professionals. The material certainly doesn’t live up to their talents but nevertheless, it’s mesmerising watching them on screen. Is this what star quality is really all about?